Hello from our elegant nest

Hello from our elegant nest

First if all, let me set the scene for you first.

I am sitting on the verandah outside our room in the charming “Svasara” lodge, near Tadoba National Park. The internet signal is much stronger outside, which is why I am here. Simply.

It is hot, and very quiet, other than the slight breeze blowing the dry grass around our cottage and the background chirping of birds. Not an urban sound for miles.

We are the only guests in the lodge today, and everyone is snoozing (I suspect) until we reconvene for lunch.

We = Himmat, the Chawlas and the Rays, and we are all justifiably tired after an extremely early start this morning. We woke up at the relatively late time of 3.45, whilst the others were all up at 3am I understand.

Tadoba is in Maharashtra, quite close to the Andhra border, and so we flew to Nagpur – oh so early – and then drove for a couple of hours. Since the park is closed today, we have an easy unwinding quiet day, ready tomorrow for all the wondrous things listed on the Recent Sightings board displayed in the lodge – tiger, leopard,”dhol” (wild dog), sloth bear. Am so excited, I can’t tell you.
And after the cold of Delhi, to feel warm in the sun is such a treat.

Advance apologies if the blog this week becomes a little erratic, but that’ll all be down to connectivity. And it will doubtless be a little dreamier than usual – that’s what being in the jungle does for me…

Oh, yes. The nest in my blog title, I hear you ask.

“Svasara” is, we were told, Sanskrit for nest.

No way I’d have guessed the etymology from Svasara to ghosla (Hindi) but there you go.

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