Photo of the day.  A sad tiger kill…

Photo of the day. A sad tiger kill…

I mentioned in an earlier brief blog post (connectivity was a bit of an issue in Tadoba, hence brevity) that we witnessed a tigress killing a langur and how saddened we all were by it.  I have only just started editing my photos, so will share the drama with you over the next few days, but here is the kind of image that moved us all.

I think if the tigress (P2 is her name) had killed a deer or a pig, it would have been less moving than this little fellow, with his arms reaching out to her –  you will see images of this later, once I have finished editing.  Here P2 has chased him up the tree, and though partially hidden from view, you can just see him at the right of the trunk.

She seemed to toy with him, to such an extent that it almost seemed like a game.  The kill took 7 minutes, with lots of pausing and waiting and looking away almost as though she were losing interest in the poor wounded little creature, which sat there looking at her.

It was unbelievably dramatic –  I can’t honestly think of any other moment in the bush that matches this – but it really was sad…




  1. Beatrix

    I can’t watch ‘big cat’ kills.
    I’ve seen mountain lions in my native California take down fawns & coyotes, a lot of violent shaking by the neck until the animal bleeds to death, suffocates, or it’s neck is broken.
    Our neighbors here in Nepal complained our kitties beat up their dog – now that’s a first!
    Goonda kitties!

    1. christine

      This was very sad to watch, partly because of the superficially deceiving lack of violence. Lots of languid playing with the langur, but yet we all knew how it would end. If you have evidence of your goonda kitties, would be honoured to feature them here in my blog!!

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