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April 28th, 2014

And your Hindi word of the day is “damaad”

Damaad = son-in-law.

And the word has beome a major twitter handle and is bandied about all over the papers here.

And all because of one man, our very own Freddie Mercury lookalike, aka Robert Vadra.

This man’s claim to fame is as follows (and my dear Indian readers, forgive me for repeating what you know all too well):

Robert Vadra is married to one Priyanka Gandhi who is the daughter of Sonia Gandhi who is the widow of Rajiv Gandhi (former Prime Minister) who was the son of Indira Gandhi (former Prime Minister) who was the daughter of Pandit Nehru (former Prime Minister)…you are all still with me here, I take it?

Robert’s ma-in-law, Sonia Gandhi, is head of the Congress Party, currently the largest political party, but, one feels, not for much longer.  The country is a little over half way through 6 weeks of general elections, and the word on the dusty Indian street is that the Congress Party may soon be toast.

Back to Robert, our very own “damaad.”  Our own version of a national treasure almost, our fave son-in-law.

Robert-ji is (in)famous for popularising the term mango people, rather like Ms Helmsley and her “little people” remark.

I have blogged quite a bit over the months about this gentleman who has built himself a huge fortune, solely through his own hard work, you understand.   The Indian Press, horrid cynics that they are, beg to differ, as does the party that is widely thought to be the next government, the BJP.

And the BJP are after old Robert with a vengeance.

Rather thrillingly, we now have our very own “-gate” scandal, a la Watergate.

Ours is Damaad-gate.


vadra 280414

So yesterday the BJP released a video about dear Robert and his hugely profitable land dealings, the Twitter-sphere went beserk, and as for all those pressing national issues we should be discussing at election time…pouf!




What is poverty/pollution/lack of education, what are relations with Pakistan and China, what is the economy, when faced with the unexplained riches of the unelected husband of the unelected daughter of a political leader…

Remind me to tell you tomorrow all about their grace and favour accommodation, this same unelected couple…


Did you all take good note of the paragraph I highlighted in yellow?  Speaks volumes don’t you think?



Oh, yes, Freddie Mercury.

Here you go.

Here is our favourite “damaad” going to vote in Delhi last month.

Delhi Boyz wear pink, right.?



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