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April 30th, 2014

And today’s Hindi word of the day is “Oprah Chai Tea”

Thanks goodness for Oprah and Starbucks (not to mention teaologists –  what a fab word) for drawing the world’s attention to our humble desi masala chai.

Sorry, Chai Tea.




Should we tell them that they are actually saying “Oprah Tea Tea”?

Nah, leave ’em in blissful ignorance, say I.

I mean, honestly, what a load of you know what…

Talk about re-inventing the wheel.

Carrying coals to Newcastle.


I give you a couple of my own tea/chai posts, below, by the way.


treaThis is a TEA post.



And this is a CHAI post.

1 comment to And today’s Hindi word of the day is “Oprah Chai Tea”

  • Oh godddd, I don’t even want to taste it, it will be sickening! Glad she is being inspired by India though, but I doubt it will be up to my desi standards 😀 LOL

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