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May 1st, 2014

Anyone for a mango doughnut? OK, well perhaps mango spaghetti, then?

Thanks to those pesky fruit flies that cheekily exported themselves to Europe along with our fabulous Alphonso mangoes, the latter have been rejected.

Leaving we poor mango people** back in India (geddit, geddit?) hopeful of getting cheaper fruit.

Khas Aam for the Aam Aadmi.  Arre, all these puns…


So, since we are all soon to be flooded with mangoes, some enterprising chefs have come up with ideas for us all to use this hoped-for bounty.

I give you mango doughnuts.

To be consumed along with that Oprah Chai Tea, of course.


And if that doesn’t appeal, well there’s always mango dim sum. As a vegetarian, I should approve, I know I should, but I just cannot bring myself to think mango, cabbage and carrot are a good combo.

Ditto mango spaghetti.

Anywya, it’s you call, so here you go, folks…

mangoes 1.5.14


And, thanks, fruit flies for giving us the chance to eat a mango doughnut.

And bon appétit, all you mango people** out there.


**  Remember “aam” = mango and also “ordinary” in Hindi, hence the (in)famous quip from our national son-in-law, Robert Vadra about mango people living in a banana republic, which I noted at the time was a bit daft, given his darling ma-in-law was/still is “running” this country…

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