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June 19th, 2014

44/44/44. (Age/cake size/parliamentary party size)

I can’t tell you how chuffed I was when I read this cracker of an article this morning.
No sooner had the Modi government swept to power a couple of weeks ago, decimating the Congress Party, than I noticed an immediate – as in ek dum phataphat inmmediate – end to the sycophantic ads that have been such an integral part of this blog over the years.

Morally I am, of course, delighted, but as a blogger…well, those cringe-making outpourings were a blogging staple.


Which is why I fell rapturously upon the news that Rahul baba’s 44th birthday today will be celebrated in proper fawning style.

Sadly, there is no baba in attendance, since he is off on one of his phoren jaunts, but never mind, we’ll all go burst crackers outside his Mummy-ji’s house.

Thank God, say I, that the Congress-walas have not found their moral backbone,

Please sit back, relax and enjoy this article, with that immortal Indianism, “he was the cynosure of all eyes.”

I adore that expression.  Absolutely adore it.

But tell me dear readers (since I tend to get a tad linguistically muddled up at times) does anyone outside the subcontinent actually use the word “cynosure”?

I think we should be told.

Rahul birthday

I went to that bastion of Delhi colonial-era-ism, the Delhi Gymkhana Club, for lunch today, and en route was thrilled to see that banners were up, marking Rahul’ji’s birthday.
Thank goodness.
Where would India be without her toadying political sycophants ?
IMG_1118 1


IMG_1117 1



And since it is baba’s birthday, I thought I’d be extra generous and share with you some of my fave Gandhi toadying posts from those heady pre-Modi days…

There was that toe-curlingly awful post from exactly a year ago about him spitting and sneezing

…there was also that ghastly “Incredible Raj!v” ad…

…and anniversary after anniversary, our tax rupees were wasted on pages of sycophantic ads.  As in pages of them.  Don’t believe me ?  Check out this lot, then.


You know what?  Actually, perhaps I have been a tad too harsh on the party sycophants.  After so many years of the above sanctioned behaviour, it’s probably far too soon for the poor deluded souls to adapt to the new order.

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  • Ali G

    Literal translation from Greek is dog’s tail. Which as we know, is not very far from… obvs use it on a daily basis.

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