It’s a dog’s life in Bollywood

It’s a dog’s life in Bollywood

This post is actually meant as a bit of a wake up call for Yoko, our galumphing 18 month old Golden Retriever (the very fellow who has sidelined me for 2 months, by bowling me over).

As in, come on, my boy, and exactly when are YOU going to make it big in Bollywood?


I predict a boom in Golden Retrievers, if this movie is a hit -> a flurry of ads/commercials/films all (naturally) starring Goldens -> surely someone, somewhere will need footage of a Golden rolling in the mud, which is Master Y’s trademark achievement.

I hear that Akshay Kumar is giving the dog top billing in the film, so….Yoko….come on, baba, let’s move it…you’ll get your own vanity van, my boy & preserved peaches.

Love it!

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