Hello and “Juley”- the traditional Ladakhi greeting.

Nearly a month ago, I set off from Delhi for a trekking and climbing trip in Ladakh (in the Indian Himalayas) and the idea was that I would chitter-chatter to you dear people as we wended our way (is that the correct past participle, by the way?) from Delhi –> Chhachhrauli -> Jammu -> Srinagar -> Leh.  I had my iPad, my mobile, my camera, and so I was sorted.

Or so I thought.

Connectivity, however, turned out to be one heck of a problem, and once in Leh itself, though free wifi is the order of the day in nearly every café and hotel, so slow were the speeds, that I just gave up trying to blog.

Either that or go bonkers.

Obviously once we left Leh on 12 August for our climb, I always knew there would be no connectivity, but those lovely acclimatising-cum-blogging days I’d planned in Leh were simply not meant to be.  I acclimatised, I walked, I yomped up and down every hill this darling little town has, I met up with my running girls from Delhi, but ne’er a blog post could I manage.

And now I’m back in Delhi, getting over AMS (Acute Mountain Sickness) and just about feeling strong enough to lift my head above the parapet.

I am conscious that I owe you all lots and lots of news and photos, after a month’s silence, but it’ll take a few days to catch up.

But since I am (let’s be honest) so thrilled that I summited Kangyatse II, here’s my showy-off summit photo, to wrap up today’s very short post :


AMS robbed me of a chance to try for the summit of Dzojongo – which my team mates tell me was way harder than expected – so that challenge will have to be for another year.  I left Dzojongo Base Camp feeling weak and yes, very miserable at the idea of unfinished business.  I trekked down to a lower altitude with a porter, crossed an exhausting 5200m pass, and finally made it back to Delhi yesterday.

My luggage will follow tomorrow.

Or the day after.


But oh the joy and the heart-stopping beauty of the world from the summit of a mountain…


It’s views like this that make the gruelling climb worth it…



  1. Anonymous

    Well done you and so sorry AMS stopped you doing the other one – and I think your family will be working very hard to ensure that you stay safe downhill in the future! Wonderful photos though – and glad the knees and shoulder held up.
    PS Went? no, too boring.

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