A promise made…

A promise made…

Late last month, just before I left for Ladakh, I mentioned in a blog post that I had 2 prayer flags for my putative 2 summits, courtesy of my friend Dr. Chauhan, our running guru and the inspiration behind La Ultra the High, one of the world’s toughest ultra marathons.

I met up with my La Ultra friends most nights in Leh –  they were acclimatising, ditto me, so we would slowly wander the little streets of Leh, and eat dinner together every night.  Then I set off to climb, and they continued acclimatising for one heck of a race.  Just read about it and marvel at what humans can achieve.

As I slowly pottered my way through the Markha valley and up to KY case Camp and then KY ABC (Advanced Base Camp) I carried my special La Ultra prayer flags with me.

And here I am, on the summit of Kangyatse II with Doc’s flags.  As promised.




The view from the summit was unbelievably fabulous.

Deep blue sky, mountains for ever and then some.  And just 6 of us on the whole mountain –  3 climbers and 3 guides.

Too too special and gorgeous.



Of course, I do have some unfinished business, and thus one more set of prayer flags that will, one day, inshallah, be placed on another mountain summit.

As they say, a promise made…


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