The singing horse-wala

The singing horse-wala

We had a delightful Tibetan horseman with us on our KYII climb.  Always cheerful, and very often singing.

He always sang his rather repetitive ditties when it was time to saddle up or unload the horses, and we wondered if it wasn’t a calming strategy for the animals.

Sadly I didn’t record the brilliant song he treated us (and the pack animals) to one day, which seemed to be a chanting litany of the names of the mountains.  One line I remember perfectly (you are all suitably impressed by my Tibetan, I hope?) because it went a bit like this :

“Mentok Kangri Kangyatse, Mentok Kangri Kangyatse, Mentok Kangri, Kangyatse…” ad infinitum.

(Mentok being last year’s mountain and Kangyatse the one we were preparing to tackle)

Here is the dear man in action, with KYII behind:


And, by the way, he has a daughter at college in Bangalore and a son at college in Delhi.  Talk about the power of education…

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