Yet again, I have NO idea…

Yet again, I have NO idea…

…as in NO idea whatsoever what was going on here.

We were in Safdarjung Enclave, on a roof terrace, when we heard drumming. So obviously I peered down through the wires and cables, to see what was going on in the street below.

Take drummers + stark naked man + wheelchair and, please, you tell me what on earth was going on.

No-one around seemed to have any better idea, so this is my theory:  the gentlemen is a holy man of sorts.  Who needs a wheelchair.  And doesn’t wear any clothes.  And who carries a peacock feather fan.

Here you go, judge for yourself…

Said it before, saying it once again. There is no such thing as dull in India.


  1. Ramesh

    You are right, definitely a Holy Man ! And in addition, I would also guess that he is from the Jain religion. In this religion, Monks have to live by an extreme code of conduct.
    But then again, just a guess !

  2. sanhita

    I think it’s a ‘Digambar’ Jain sadhu /Muni’s Procession.
    They(The Muni) do not wear clothes. Here , the Muni has come out from temple or
    going to new destination for religious cause.

  3. Deepankar

    It seems a Jain procession. Saints from one of the sects of Jainism renounce everything and are completely naked. Drummers to announce his arrival and wheelchair when he gets tired. Since they always walk and never take any mode of transportation.

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