So THAT’S what the noise is outside my house…

So THAT’S what the noise is outside my house…


Now isn’t this a fabulous way to usher in the festive season?

Nothing like drumming to get me rushing down, mobile in hand, and walking with whoever it is down the street.  (That sounds a trifle odd, but I am sure you know what I mean).

Usually it’s wedding processions that drum their way through the streets –  though the season hasn’t really started yet –  but this was a religious procession.  Complete with those wonderful chandelier-y confections that are my passion.  They are all wired up to to each other and to the generator that drives slowly behind the back of the procession.

Oh, how I love those chandelier-y lights…do they have a specific name?  Anyone?

I asked a man at the head of the procession, in Hindi, where they were headed, and he replied in unaccented English, “Oh, we’re taking a slow, leisurely route through the colony, taking our time.”



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