…more vintage and classic cars.

Yes, OK, it also needs “love, sweet love”, but let me tell you my car theory first, and see if you agree.

Think about it : have you ever in your life seen anyone glare/scowl/look angry at a vintage/classic car?


Yesterday we drove from Chhachhrauli to Delhi, after our lovely trip to Himachal.  Himmat wanted to bring his dear little MG back to Delhi, after her holiday on the farm, and so we set out –  Himmat and Nar Bahadur in the Midget, and me following in my car with Suraj, who manfully handled the photography, leaning out of my car to take clips with my mobile phone.

The whole way from Chhachhrauli to Delhi –  all 225km of it –  was a love fest between our fellow travellers and the MG.  No-one even glanced at the Mem driving her car with a Gurkha half hanging out of the passenger window –  and quite rightly so.  All eyes were on Lemon Drop.

Yesterday there were state elections in Haryana, so schools and businesses were closed = the roads were emptier than usual =  a perfect day to bomb down country roads at high speed.  As I drove steadfastly behind the MG in case of trouble – which thank goodness didn’t happen – I kept exclaiming to old Suraj how empty the roads were.  Which they were for India, though doubtless ludicrously packed by other standards.

I know that some of you have been to Chhachhrauli with us over the years, so here you go –  judge the emptiness of the road for yourself :

Pretty devoid of the usual thundering-along buses and trucks, right?

Now here’s the thing about love-fest-ing your way across Haryana in a 1970 MG.  Everyone but everyone wants to take a photo, inevitably with their mobile phone, and usually from the scooter as they drive past, swerving close for a good look :



Driving behind the MG, we saw the after-effects of all this, with people looking behind them as they drove towards us instead of ahead, wobbling dangerously.  Luckily, the roads were, as I said, pretty empty.

There wasn’t too much visible security, with only one major roadblock, where all cars were searched.  Inevitably, Lemon Drop stole the show with everyone posing for photos :



Here is the dear old girl roaring off after the roadblock :

You noticed the emptiness of the road, I trust?

And here she is zipping along the highway:

All great fun, and now she is back in situ in south Delhi, awaiting a coat of paint and a new windscreen.

Watch this space.


  1. Alex Butt

    Hi Christine

    Nice pics. Good to see Himmat actually driving lemon drop donned in his outback hat ! The expressions on the faces of the scooter wallahs is priceless 🙂

    Keep the stories roling in

    Take care

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