Bad bits first

“It never rains but it pours” goes the old aphorism, and today it has been (metaphorically) pouring down in my little world.

Himmat was discharged from hospital yesterday and his platelet count is slowly going up.  Which is, of course, the signal for young Suraj to go down with dengue.  He is now the 3rd person in the household to get it, so we have serious cause for concern.

Then the driver inadvertently reversed my car over Tommy, my ridiculously fluffy white street dog, so he’s now all bandaged up and feeling rather sorry for himself.

So, yes, definitely one of those days.

And the flip side to all this negative stuff is… the good bits

Massive traffic jam on the way back from the vet (wait wait, I’m getting there).  Mutter, grumble from yours truly, who is (understandably, I think, given today’s events) not in the best of moods.

Inch forward through the bumper to bumper traffic.

Locate source of traffic jam.

And so, yes, obviously I stopped the car, thereby contributing to the traffic jam to rubberneck along with everyone else.


As was the following article, which is literally the only good thing to come out of yet another horrid communal riot.  People in a Delhi suburb have been flighting each other – rioting, really – across the religious divide.

Read on :


A true “only in India” moment.

And that’s it for today, friends.  Got to go tend to the sick and wounded.


  1. kiran

    oops, missed writing my name on the last one, so it clearly has gone into outer space! just learnt from Nili that Himmat had dengue. ouch. poor chap! and also learned that you are off to china tomorrow. safe travels (bit hectic i would have thought but such being life)! xxxxx

  2. Anonymous

    just heard about it from Nilima today. didn’t know Himmat had come down with that. sending lots of healing love over. gathered you are both traveling to China tomorrow? take care! xxxxx

  3. Sorry to hear you have dengue in the house. Su and I both got it at the same time in Delhi. We went to her house for Sunday lunch and must both have been bitten by the same mosquito as we got it on the same day, nasty, so wish all the members of your household better. Oh and John ran over our dog in the driveway in Anand Niketan, tore a ligament on one of the dog’s legs. Mended by the vet’s father who was the senior horse vet for the Indian Army……only in India! Wish Tommy better too and you a few uneventful days.

  4. OMG. Is Tommy ok? Been checked for internal injuries??
    And Himmat had dengue? (Sorry to go in that order- but you know me, and it shouldn’t come as a surprise)
    Eeep. Rescue remedy and haldi all round. Or for Tommy anyway, you and himmat just hit the bottle please. Love and hugs….everyone get well! xx

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