So there I was early this morning, running through Lutyens Delhi, as one does on a crisp November morning.  I was trying out a new seat of headphones (slowly slowly getting myself organised for the half marathon on 23 November, one gadget at a time) and so was happily blasting myself with my loudest, drummiest music.

But, hey, what was that sound penetrating my headphones, even through “Jai Ho” at full volume?

Ah, that would be a Very Small But Very Loud Religious Procession.

Police car leading it.

Handful of devotees (don’t miss the bloke on his mobile phone al the time) including a lady with a – hmm – rather powerful voice, shall we say?

She belted out her hymns all the way down the street, and I ran alongside them for a while, and even when I took off I could still hear her a couple of streets away.

Can’t help but wonder sometimes whether God in India is deaf…

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