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November 25th, 2014

Shame on the hospital. And as for the 6 raping, murderous bastards…

Yes, you’re right.

Perhaps my blog title could be a little more measured, but quite frankly, I don’t care.

A child’s life snuffed out in an unbelievably frightening and cruel way, by a group of low life.
Can’t rape her so let’s burn her.
Despicable beyond words and emotions and tears and anger and – yes –  helplessness in the face of such evil.

And as for the private hospital.

Don’t these places have a heart? A conscience? Aren’t there provisions for economically weaker patients? Isn’t there a shred of humanity left in these wretched hospitals?  A child attacked and burned, and you let them leave because of money?

Actually, there’s no need to answer most of these questions, since my own (limited) experience of Indian hospitals has provided me with most of the answers – other than the question as to whether hospitals are duty bound to treat poor patients.

From the “top class”, expensive, private hospital where Himmat’s father lay dying, and all they kept saying was “First you must settle your bill”…

From having to fight to get Rajkumari, our maid admitted to AIIMS when she was collapsing with dengue…and then they coolly turfed someone else off a bed for her.  No mattress, no bedding.  Nothing.

The whole think stinks of dehumanised money-making.

And in the midst of all this, a little 15 years old girl dies.

Shame on everyone.

Now catch those murdering bastards and punish them.  And do it quickly.

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