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December 9th, 2014

Now who would YOU put on a par with HH the Dalai Lama?

If you live in India, the answer is oh-so-easy.

One Robert Vadra, of course.

His Holiness and the unelected son-in-law of Sonia Gandhi, the leader of a political party here, are the only 2 people in a separate category as far as airport security is concerned.

Since being frisked is clearly not to be undergone by those who hold high constitutional office (hey, I didn’t make the daft rules up) such bigwigs are exempted. As are His Holiness and Robert Vadra, the unelected husband of the unelected daughter of a former PM.

Figures, right?

Anyway, young Robert is beginning to get his comeuppance, it would seem, if the report below is to be believed.


It’s just that last paragraph that worries me a little.

Letter sent “some months ago…no response…sent a reminder…”  Don’t tell me they are stalling?

And that nice Mr. Vadra, he of the power running and motorbike fame, the man who did a fair old impression of Freddy Mercury some months ago*, the man who has a very, very modest opinion of himself**…where was I…oh yes, don’t tell me Mr Vadra is STILL exempt from being frisked?  And will continue to do so until all these letters are answered…haven’t the good folks at the Ministry of Home Affairs heard of email? Or picking up the phone? Or even speed post?


* Check out the Freddy Mercury look here

** Robert-ji, you might like to revise the comment “I can win from anywhere…”

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