Swachh Bharat.  29.12.2014.  Particularly depressing.

Swachh Bharat. 29.12.2014. Particularly depressing.

If there is a symbolic heart to Delhi, I would imagine it must be India Gate, the impressive war memorial and a centre piece of Raj Path.

So you would expect such a prime spot, which always has an impressive honour guard, to be spotless, right?

Especially since we are less than a month from Republic Day & the visit of President Obama…

Especially since the government is pushing its “Swachh Bharat” campaign & constantly regaling us with photos of ministers and VIPs wielding spotless new brooms, usually in front of a small heap of leaves…

Well, you would be wrong, wrong, wrong.

I went for a run at lunchtime today to India Gate & down Raj Path, which is all a-bustle with Republic Day preparations, and this is the reality on the ground :

India_New Delhi_1186

You can see India Gate just peeping out from behind the trees –  so this is not even 100 metres from our pride & joy, our national memorial to the country’s war dead.

More of the same.

India_New Delhi_1187

I ran past the 2 gawping men who asked me, bemused, why I was taking photos of rubbish, and just on the corner before India Gate –  so, let’s say, 50 metres from the monument, this is what greeted me :

India_New Delhi_1188

Don’t know what to say, really.

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