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January 1st, 2015

Cardigans & mufflers for the gods

There is a time for everything, and New Year’s Day is perhaps not the time to go shooting off into a tirade or a vent, as is sometimes my wont.  (Though I have posted my rubbish photo of the day –  check it out and you will see what I mean.  Swachh Bharat & all that).

But by and large, today is a day for taking time to savour all that is delightful about India.

Like this story of the gods wearing mufflers and cardigans and shawls, against our bitter Delhi winter.

Too gorgeous.

mufflers“Clad in woollens from top to toe”. Fabulous.

And I hope and pray that the very sensible sounding priest Hari Mohan Jha will indeed donate all these woollies to those who really and truly need them.

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