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January 9th, 2015

Now who’s making a monkey out of whom?

There are way too many monkeys in Delhi, that we all know.  And that’s without counting all our politicians.

Not that everything I talk about these days has to be connected to running, but monkeys certainly are.  Let me explain.

When I run in Lutyens Delhi, they are all over the place, and along with everyone else, I get out of the way of the bold aggressive Rhesus Macaques that roam around with impunity.  They are not nice critters, and one has heard so many stories of people being attacked by them, that discretion is decidedly the better part of valour.

So I find the story below mystifying, if indeed it is true.  The authorities have one story, (some of) the residents another.

Read it and we’ll chat in a moment:


Now you see the issue here, right?  Discerning holiness in a monkey because of devotion to Lord Hanuman.

I am tempted to believe the official version of this story, rather than that of Mr. Kakkar, simply because I remember an ad in the papers a few years ago (which sadly I can no longer find to share with you) from the then CM of Delhi, Sheila Dikshit, who asked people not to feed monkeys, nor to confuse monkeys with holiness.  So clearly it is a real problem.

Monkeys are a menace because they have become habituated to humans giving them food.  When they encounter a human and don’t get food, they get aggressive.  They have learned that food is to be found in homes, so into homes they go.

It is really not rocket science, people, and the sooner these wild creatures are back where they belong –  in the wild – and not in central Delhi, the better it will be for all of us.  And for them, obviously.

Here are 2 clips from my runs around central Delhi:

Cute as they may look, tucking into pilfered fruit, just go anywhere near them or their food, and they are vicious:

And, selfishly, this is how they leave the streets.

An accident just waiting to happen:


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