Actually, POTUS, will you please come & live here in Delhi? For ever.

Actually, POTUS, will you please come & live here in Delhi? For ever.

I am dead serious, my friends.

Yes, yes, I know I was cribbing online about the Obamas just yesterday, but in the light of what I read over my morning cuppa just now, I take it all back.

I publicly and unabashedly retract all my earlier online criticism of the Secret Service sanitising Delhi/the car/the plane/the lockdown.

Listen, these are desperate times, and if the arrival of POTUS, FLOTUS and the girls (do they have acronyms, too, by the way?) gets our streets lit up and tidied up, I am all for it.

I give you the Obama effect.

And I quote:

“Dark stretches near the airport and in New Delhi area have also been identified and will be lit up.

Dear POTUS, on behalf of very citizen of India, every resident of Delhi, every woman who worries about her safety –  thank you, thank you.

Thanks to you, some “dark areas” will be lit up.

Mr. President, could you be a love, and ask our powers that be what they mean exactly by “in New Delhi area” (you could also tell the venerable TOI to correct its reporter’s grammar while you are at it).

“In New Delhi area” sounds a tad vague, and I am very anxious to know whether my street is in the “area,” because if so –  yippee! Street lights!!

Also, according to the venerable Times of India, there will be “no squatters and stalls on Obama route” and the civic authorities have been ordered  –  and I quote again – “to remove shacks, temporary structures, unused transformer boxes and flower pots from the routes US president Obama will be taking.”

So, dear, dear POTUS, FLOTUS and girls, would you mind taking a detour via my bit of town, and then perhaps we could get everything fixed?


Joking aside…will the lights stay lit after POTUS leaves?

Will the flower pots come back?

And what about “the children selling wares at signals”?  Will they be released from “the homes” they are being sent to?

This is a nonsense.

All this quick-fix attempt at cleaning up is an insult to every resident of this city who battles filth and unlit streets and potholes and encroached-upon pavements day after unforgiving day.

I want POTUS, FLOTUS and those 2 girls to move to Delhi.



  1. Beatrix

    POTUS’ itinerary is still a secret!
    I bet he’s going to stay at the ITC Maurya again though, & eat at the Bukhara (in lavish ambience with snipers on the roof).
    Please be doing the needful,

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