“Sawasdee khaa” from oh-so-beautiful Phuket

“Sawasdee khaa” from oh-so-beautiful Phuket

My goodness me but this is such a beautiful part of the world.  How is it possible that we have never been here before?

Fab weather (I am SO over Delhi’s wintery cold and fog), deep blue skies, unbelievably green and lush, clean air.

Warm ocean to swim in. (Thailand, you have me there already, no question…sea..swimming…)

Amazing food.

Lovely, constantly smiling, gentle people (I am SO over Delhi’s jarring aggression).

And tomorrow we go scuba diving.

So yes, indeed, what’s not to love?

There’s probably nothing more tedious than reading someone’s slushy travelogue, so I won’t bore you.

But I will share some holiday snaps with you.

Hey, just a few.  No need to run for cover.




That’s it.

Phuket has to be Lipstick Palm heaven.

Never seen so many in my life.

I have tried (& failed) to grow them in Delhi, so to see so many in-your-face bright red palms is such fun.

Here you go.




And here endeth the gushing.



I logged briefly onto Twitter this evening, and saw horrific reports of more rapes and sexual attacks in North India.

What in God’s name is going on?

How can the country hold its collective head up high, in the face of such brutality?

All the “Make in India” campaigns in the world, all the photo ops with world leaders are meaningless, in the context of these kind of ground realities.

I am not an Indian.  I just happen to live there and love the country (& my Indian husband, goes without saying).  But tonight I actually felt ashamed.


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