“Pehle aap”

“Pehle aap”

Yes, I know, hardly original, but entirely appropriate for today’s stunning election news from Delhi.

Quick translation for non-Hindi speakers : “Pehle aap” is a polite expression in Hindi, which translates roughly as “after you” – when you let someone go before you, for example.

“Aap” is the polite form of “you” and in its avatar AAP is also the name of the political party which has swept the Delhi polls today.

And so here we are in gorgeous Phuket living the Delhi electoral excitement from afar.  We are with our dear friends Anjali and Hardy, all of us obsessively watching the results come in.

Funnily enough, we were also with them in South Africa last year when the general election results were announced, and there was equal excitement about the sea change in politics.

Last May, it was the general elections which saw a virtual clean sweep by the BJP over the Gandhi-family-dominated Congress Party, which was decimated to such an extent that they couldn’t even muster the minimum number to form an opposition.

Today, it is the decimation of the very same BJP and the possible last flicker of life for the Congress Party, who got not one seat.  Not.  One. Seat.

And with only 3 out of 70 seats (yup) the BJP cannot muster enough seats to form the opposition.

Everything you have ever read or been told about the savviness of the Indian voter, is on show today.  Fed up of dynastic politics, they threw out Congress in May.  Fed up with the lack of service delivery in the 9 months since the BJP came in, they have given a massive slap in the face to the BJP.

It is all wonderfully exciting and hugely refreshing, and makes me (as ever) so irritated that I cannot vote in India.

And today’s landslide victory has already spawned some great jokes, my favourite being “My car has more seats than the BJP.”

I tell you, we live in fascinating political times…


    1. christine

      Thanks, my dear, and am reading your link as I wait for the taxi to take me to airport and thence back to Delhi. Guess this is as good a way as any to ease back into Incredible India…

  1. Anonymous

    Could we say Delhi now has the aap? Sorry.. positive coverage in the London Times of the election to – but I wonder if this means all the VIP’s will finally move out of their bungalows, and take their cars off the pavement..?

  2. sanhita

    I like “Pahle AAP”. 🙂
    This is beauty of Indian Democracy.people speak their voice through power of their vote.
    Showing resentment and showing the politicos their right place.In the May 14 elections India was “MODI”fied.Now, Delhi has “AAP”ified.

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