You can have any colour as long as it’s gold

You can have any colour as long as it’s gold

We arrived back in Delhi today after a fabulous first visit to Myanmar.
I say “first” advisedly, as we are already planning a return trip – such a gorgeous country with, without question, the nicest people in the world. A kinder, gentler race you would be hard pushed to find.  Smiles and friendliness wherever you go.

Between settling back in, and downloading the hundreds and hundreds of photos I took, it will take me a day or so to get back into my blogging stride, so will you please accept this photo from Mandalay as a small gesture?

Thanks.  I knew you would.

This is just one golden corner of the palace.  It was our first day in Myanmar, and set the tome for the rest of the trip –  one marvel after another.



Proper blog posts to follow



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