The outrageously dyed but oh-so-pampered pooches of Shanghai

The outrageously dyed but oh-so-pampered pooches of Shanghai

Last week in Shanghai, I had my running route to the Bund down to a T –  but I nevertheless took a detour every morning, just so I could try and catch a glimpse of a miniature poodle in a tobacconist’s shop.

The dog wasn’t always available for admiration and filming – on rainy days (of which there were several) she was cosily tucked up in a coat, on a cushion, inside a basket, inside the shop.

One morning, however, she was holding court on the street –  the voice you hear is that of a friendly bloke walking past, who scooped the dog up for me to pet, and then plonked her on the counter, so I could film her to better advantage.

I then got treated to an impromptu grooming session.

Just look at the owner’s adoring expression, to know that he truly adores his little dog.  Orange ear and all.

I saw poodles with shoes on, poodles with coats of every description, but this was the only one with orange ears.  And a pink tail.


And, by the way, further to yesterday’s blog post comparing Delhi & Shanghai… Delhi wins hands down on the dog front.  Strays galore and no dogs with pink tails and/or bootees against the rain.

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