Ladies left, gents right

Ladies left, gents right

I have a sneaky feeling that I may well have shared this flyer with you in an earlier blog post, but since it came, once again, tucked inside my morning paper, I felt it was definitely worthy of a re-visit.

I am feeling very jaded and despondent at the Indian news these days, to be honest, so, yes, am certainly seizing on this flyer as a much more intriguing blog topic.

Like, for example, why should ladies and gents future, Past Birth & Next Birth (sic) lie on different sides of their bodies?

astro flyer

And of course, in this global world in which we live, did Shri Agasthiya Maharishi know, for example, that I would come and live here in India?  If so, are all my future Ups and Downs on record?

Since Himmat is Indian, was it known that he would marry a foreigner?  Is that part of his right thumb impression?

I went onto the website mentioned in the flyer to learn a little more, and if I have understood correctly, the process works like this: the thumb print is used to identify your particular palm leaf, upon which your predictions are written. If indeed the leaf is (a) still in existence and (b) in the possession of the particular expert you consult.  Is this how you understand the explanation (below)?  I have copied it verbatim from their website.

“By your thumb impression like gents right hand, ladies left hand we predict all about you, your family, future ups and downs to clear the downs by remedial measures by seeing the ancient palm leafs of shri Agasthiyar, sughar and mahasiva naadi. The naadi astrologer first takes the thumb print of the person who has come in search of his naadi leaf. He then searches the palm leaf for the consultant and after finding the palm leaf he use to predict for them. The print of the thumb to identify the possible palm leafs from the numerous manuscripts in his possession. Usually naadi readers have bundles of these palm inscriptions which will be always in circulation. It is not a certainty that the persons leaf would be with that particular naadi reader. It might be with a reader from any part of the India. Else the leaf might have been vanished after some years of neglect. Once the naadi reader locates the particular bundle, he begins to read from each leaf and asks the person a series of questions about his or her life while attempting to identify the current leaf. This process can take anywhere from a few minutes to several hours and it should be noted that it is not always possible to identify a person’s record. If all the details about the person matches in a particular leaf. Then only naadi reader will consider as their leaf and start predicting by seeing their leaf about their past, present and future in detail and as accurate.”


Now I am not so sanguine as when I read the flyer. What are the chances of Himmat’s leaf having survived all these years?

I have a sneaky feeling that we may never know our future Ups and Downs.

But this certainly made for fascinating reading with my morning cuppa.



  1. I have seen how this works. They play ’20 questions’ with you very skillfully while attempting to locate your leaf. They keep reading facts about you from leaves that are potentially yours and you need to stop them the moment any detail is wrong. After going through several leaves they have gathered enough facts about you to amaze you when they finally ‘find’ yours. And if it doesn’t work, your leaf is assumed to be lost. They’re quite good at this, and if you’re gullible (which you probably are having gone there) they can convince you to part with enough money to perform pooja on your behalf to fend off predicted disasters.

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