Another day, another earthquake…poor, poor Nepal

Another day, another earthquake…poor, poor Nepal

We woke up this morning to the depressing (but almost inevitable news) of a steadily-rising death-toll in Nepal, as well as news from Nar Bahadur that his house was further damaged during the night.  Everyone slept outdoors, too fearful to be inside, and just as well, really.  He will probably head home, to see what needs to be done.

And then at lunchtime, there was another tremor.  Here, it felt about the same intensity as yesterday, but for a shorter time.  Twitter was instantly alight with friends from all over Delhi saying how strong the quake was, worse than yesterday.

So we were obviously very fortunate.

Not so Nepal.

You cannot call 6.9 an aftershock.

All day it’s been a sad chronicle of avalanches and sorry news from Everest, but as yet we are lucky – no-one related to any of our staff has died, be it family or friends, so that is a blessing.

My friend Kuntal, who was making his second attempt at climbing Everest, has made contact with everyone through FB.

My book club friend Dina is safe, though stranded.  Water and food seem to be an issue, as is trying to find a flight back home to Delhi, but at least she and her family are safe.

Another friend, Namrata Joshpura, whom I met through running, is safe.

And a lovely Nepal-based lady called Beatrix, whom I don’t know in person, but who is a generous contributor to my blogs with her thoughtful insights, is safe and well.  Pokhara has seemingly escaped relatively unscathed.  Do, please, read her comments on my blog post yesterday.

Thank God for social media.

I know you all have equal access to the internet, and can see these images for yourselves, but I wanted to share one heartbreaking gallery with you.

Everest Base Camp, a wild and chilly place I trekked to alone in 2004, today.  Check on this link, if you haven’t yet seen these photos. Amazing images that made me cry.

And my own little gallery, from a fabulous trip I made, from Joburg to EBC.

Nepal_Everest Base Camp_4144

Above, Base Camp the day I went there.


Above, Dughla, a haunting place, with the Sherpa memorials

But oh that view…


  1. Beatrix

    Ok, so Headline Today’s ‘exclusive’ photos of Lamjung & other villages near the epicenter were blurry, distant, aerial shots.
    (Guess that tells you something right there if they couldn’t land the helicopter.)
    The results of the IAF’s aerial surveys have been announced to be ‘worse than expected’.
    That does not sound good at all.
    On a lighter note, I just found out Ram Dev was visiting Kathmandu when the earthquake happened & has decided to stay & help out.

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