What on EARTH are they talking about?

What on EARTH are they talking about?

Sometimes I read my morning paper and ask myself, in all seriousness, “Is it me?”

Is it just me who cannot understand what the heck they are jabbering on about some of the time?

Like today.

What on EARTH does “with his drink down the stemware” mean?

Is it code?

Is it slang?

Am I out of the cultural loop?

Am I just plain old-fashioned and not up to speed on the new lingo?

WINE290615I guess the truth of the matter is that I do not haunt swanky suburban bars with an entrancing ambience under halogen lamps.

That’s the crux of the problem.

Anyway, with their drinks down the stemware, I wish these instant connoisseurs-after-3-months all the best.


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