Watch this, everyone who loves India. Watch!   Bol!

Watch this, everyone who loves India. Watch! Bol!

Despite watching & sharing the teasers of “BOL” by the fabulous Sonam Kalra & the Sufi Gospel project, I was still moved to tears while watching the finished product, blown away by the intensity and the emotion behind this spectacular song.

“BOL” was launched online at the stroke of the midnight hour, today, Indian Independence Day.

And I cannot think of a better gift to the nation than this.

Shabash to every single person involved in this truly wonderful work.

And now, just watch it, and I defy any of you not to be stirred by this.


  1. Bhuwanesh Thapa

    Lovely song…meaningful….but…only one observation…why do they have to use a western theme music to express an Indian subject… as a musician I was missing the ‘tabla’ and ‘sitar’….. ‘Drums’ and ‘Guitar’ in prominence does give a little of the western touch…as if we have not forgotten our British Rulers in 69 yrs….

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