WHAT is with this wretched VIP culture in India?

WHAT is with this wretched VIP culture in India?

Hello everyone, and sorry for the silence on the airwaves these last few weeks.  It’s called life with a capital L.

I was in England, closing down my childhood home, and generally not really in an Indian-blogging-headspace, whatever that entails.

Anyway, here I am, back in Delhi, head in the right space, so as to speak, and so let’s get back up to speed, shall we?

There’s a huge amount of deeply disturbing political and judicial stuff happening (hmm. Not a very professional word, now, is it? “Stuff”.) but to ease us all back into our blogging relationship, I give you a disturbing story about India’s murderous VIP culture.

Read this and weep.



This is scandalous on so many levels.

That the VIP culture trumps humanity, that the VIP culture trumps common decency, and as for the passers-by who, we are told, watched as this young man lay in a pool of blood.

Shame on every one of you.

Shame on you for not helping.

Shame on you for not protesting.

Shame on the cops for their murderous cruelty.

Shame on the hospital with its equal callousness.

I am so angry.

And then what?  Wait for the next such horror story?

How on earth do you root out this sycophantic kowtowing to people who are just elected politicians, nothing more nothing less.

But possibly even more deeply disturbing is how do you install humanity?

If people can gawp as a young man writhes in his death throes, then God help us all, we really and truly have lost our humanity.

Horrific, awful story.

But what will happen, you think, to the callous cops?


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