And here is your bonkers story of the day

And here is your bonkers story of the day

And it’s not from India at all, but from China.

And it is deliciously bonkers.

Now to give you the back story first of all.

In China, line dancing by ladies of a certain age is hugely popular.  Dancing grannies, dancing aunties – call it what you will, but these ladies line dance and then some.

Here’s a group I filmed strutting their stuff on Shanghai’s Nanjing Lu:

But not everyone is a fan. These good ladies have been attacked, as I reported in my blog last year.

And then this morning my son Hari, who lives in Shanghai, brought me up to speed on the latest atrocity against dancing grannies.

A Mr. Mo, apparently fed up with the non-stop music AND the refusal of said group of dancing ladies to help him when his car broke down – well Mr. Mo got out his rifle and shot one of them.  Apparently the poor hapless bloke (broken down car, lousy shot) was aiming for the speaker but hit a granny instead.

And what has this to with India, do I hear you ask?

Well, these dancing gals indulge in “Bollywood-influenced dance numbers.”


Told you it was a completely mad story.

And as an old lady myself, I am totally with the dancing grannies 🙂  More power to them!


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