Don’t tempt me, Mr. Joshi.

Just. Don’t. Tempt. Me.

A beautiful police horse is dead after being attacked, and all you can do is try and wriggle out of his death AND to boot, blame the vets.

“Poor medical treatment was given to the horse,  All the focus was on targeting BJP over the issue,  The horse could have survived.”

Oh really, Mr. Joshi. So not only are you a local MP (this man is an MLA – Member of the Legislative Assembly for the ruling BJP) so Mr Joshi, not only are you a politician, you’re also a vet. Possibly even a rider, too.  Who knows?

Tempted to add who the f*** cares, but I am supposed to be a grown up blogger, so I won’t.

Let’s back track shall we.

Shaktiman, a police horse that was the pride of the force, was on duty during a BJP protest in Dehra Dun.


Mr Ganesh Joshi, our knowledgable MLA was arrested in March for attacking the police horse with a lathi (a heavy cane) during a demonstration. Mr. Joshi and several unidentified other people allegedly hit the horse so badly that one of his legs had to be amputated.

He denies it.

Well, he would, wouldn’t he?


The images were gruesome and, to be honest, I avoided telling you all about it.

I know one shouldn’t shy away from things, but when it comes to cruelty to animals, I’m a moral coward.

So I didn’t share all this cruelty at the time, the awful photos of this gorgeous creature bleeding, wounded, having a leg amputated.

But now that Mr. Joshi is denying he had anything to do with it, and asserting veterinary incompetence into the bargain…here you go.

Judge for yourselves:




Despite the assertions of the (allegedly) cane-wielding Mr. Joshi, who knows a thing or two about veterinary science, remember – “Poor medical treatment was given to the horse” – it looks to me as though these vets knew what they were doing.dehradun-operrated-successfully-doctors-tuesday-dehradun-shaktiman_c3663a8e-ec39-11e5-90f8-20a657ae7b03

Sounds like it, too, from this report in today’s Times of India:



Doesn’t really smack of “poor medical treatment” Mr. Joshi, now, does it?


Maneka Gandhi , a BJP Minister (same party as Mr. Joshi) weighed in:


Never mind not using horses on police duty, Ms Gandhi.  How about not having animal abusers in your party?

The whole thing is so sad, and so ugly, and now we must wait to see what will happen to Mr.-“If I am found guilty, then cut my leg”-Joshi.

I leave you with the words of the revered Mahatma Gandhi:

“The greatness of a nation is judged by the way it treats its animals”

But I’m sure Mr. Joshi knows this already.


  1. The awful, awful Mr. Joshi also went on to say that he would name a park after Shaktiman. He said that his daughter visited the horse many times… if all this humbug and hypocrisy would take away from his criminal act in causing the wanton destruction of such a fine and beautiful animal!

    1. christine

      Thanks (as ever) Brinda, but I’d missed the park nonsense. Hypocrite. And who’s money would he use? And where would he get the land? Now we have to hope the law deals with this apology of a human as quickly & as harshly as possible.

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