We got back to Delhi at the beginning of the week to find someone had turned the thermostat up in the 2 weeks we were away.

It is hot, hot, hot, and even though it’s still April, the temperature has been hovering around 40C/104F all week, down from 44C the day we flew back.  I’ve already talked about the dire water situation in the country (& it’s only getting worse) and how we are very careful to use water sparingly.  Thus it is that the plants only get watered very early in the morning or after sunset, to avoid as much evaporation as possible.

To be honest, it’s a miracle that any of my plants manage to survive these temperatures, especially those on the roof terrace which gets a lot of sun.

We have constructed our annual hot weather “nursery” (layers of shade cloth tied onto  a specially constructed metal frame), and we’ve dragged as many pots as we can into the shade.


The Christmas trees I bought a few years ago as desk-top and table-top decorations soldier on amazingly from year to year, despite the heat, and are seen here taking whatever shade they can.  All quite grown up, they are 🙂


Climate change seems to have affected my Easter Lilies which did not bloom in time for Easter, as they usually do, but rather decided to flower now…weird:



AND there are loads more still waiting to bloom.  Can’t figure it out.  They are usually like clockwork, but this year have gone all haywire.



These fellas are pretty late, too :



There are some flowers that are so totally made for the brutal Indian heat, like the wonderfully colourful bougainvillea


And then there are my gorgeous rambling roses, that were bought up in the cool hills several years ago and HOW they survive I just cannot fathom.  But I absolutely love them:





They invariably make me feel a little sentimental for England and cooler climes, which is a tad silly but there you are.

Finally, there’s my pocket market garden –  all in pots on my terrace – which is coming along nicely.  The “dil” is finished, the lemons are still quite tiny, but we do have some sustenance available!





Tomatoes growing quite nicely



Given the unseasonal heat so early in the summer, I am going to have to keep an even closer eye than usual on my little garden, especially my so-totally-un-Indian rambling roses, all part of my little oasis amidst all this heat and dust…


    1. christine

      Carole, my Easter lilies have always been bang on target every year. Boggles my mind how they know that Easter is a moveable feast. This year, however, it’s all gone a little haywire.

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