Yesterday India got her 2nd medal at the Rio Olympics, and the whole country erupted into a frenzy of joy and pride and patriotism and #girlpowerdom.

I am delighted for the 2 young ladies who won a bronze in wrestling and a silver in badminton respectively, and so I won’t be a spoilsport and rain on India’s parade.  But please do just bear in mind, people, as you celebrate all over social media, that our officials and their hangers-on still have a lot, as in a LOT, to answer for.

2 medals isn’t exactly a haul, and yet there were/still are, remember, lots of non-performing “assets” over there, partying and generally having fun at our expense.


I’m not going to be an old curmudgeon tonight.

India has 2 medals, and an almost-medal in gymnastics, and #girlpower is definitely on show.

For a country that so often and so terrifyingly treats its women with such neglect and/or cruelty, these young athletes have made a definite stand.

And I do love this photo, that’s doing the noisy, exuberant rounds on social media.

Says it all really 🙂

For non-Indian readers –  “Fair & Lovely” is a noxious cream that purports to make your skin more fair and, by extension, more lovely.  It is a shameful product, and thoroughly deserves this.


  1. Deprivation is no longer a universal thing. I remember a classmate ask me what stream my daughters took. I said they had a free hand and chose humanities. He said “you can do that with girls. I have boys. They have to earn.”
    Now if that IIT educated corporate had the money to sponsor sports training of one child, he would choose the girl.
    Now tell me which is the deprived sex?

  2. Two Indian women winning medals in Rio is an awesome feat. It’s a tribute to women power, especially considering the deprivation they are subject to right from birth. I have lived in several parts of India, yet the theme runs across.

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