Right, Mr. Indian Sports Minister…

Right, Mr. Indian Sports Minister…

The Olympics are over.

India got 2 medals.

And now the country needs some answers.  Big time.

Read this and then tell me if you are as outraged as I am:

Rio marathon

It’s not just because I’ve suddenly become a runner, truly it isn’t, but having run 2 marathons I can certainly understand this poor young woman’s trauma.  It was bad enough in my last marathon when they provided water in cups not bottles, and we all started panicking, and we are all fun-runners in comparison.


The way I see it, it should be quite simple to get to the bottom of this shocking dereliction of duty.

1. Find out who was supposed to be on duty.

2. Fire them.

3. Make them pay back all OUR money that was spent on their trip.

Nothing will ever be able to compensate the country’s athletes for their shameful treatment, but the lazy b******s who didn’t do their job – sack ’em.

But make them repay every last cent they took from us.


  1. Manisha Srivastava

    These officials would be busy shopping in the closing days of the Olympics.Any athlete representing the country deserves due care and dignity. Such officials should be held accountable and be barred from holding any position in India.

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