I have no words…

I have no words…

I’ve used this blog title before, I know. But the horror remains.

Am not trying to cop out here by not writing much, truly – but I have no words.



But no words that can have any effect.


If you can bear to read the details…



  1. labourers from UP and Bihar are at the lowest rung of indian society and also behind most of such crime in metros like Delhi. they migrate in groups from their improvished and undeveloped rural villages in far off Bihar and do odd jobs for a period which includes murders and robbery. they still follow child marriage and their women often resort to prostitution and such crimes are a routine occurence within the the precincts of their shacks. its a social issue which requires a major effort – development and education in their home towns, which unfortunately has again gone under socialist-casteist parties (lalo-nitish) with due support of TOI. so there are two aspects i wish to highlight – 1. this does not represent indian society or the common indian man (the other 90%). 2. TOI had a major role in supporting the caste politics of laloo-nitish during the elections due to which Bihar has again gone back by decades and such crimes are on the rise. and truly, a PIL to make punishment like chemical castration must be made mandatory for such savages is required. i believe one is already in movement.

    1. There are some logical inconsistencies in your analysis sir.. You started with UP and Bihar and ended on Bihar.. May be, you keep them in same bracket and forgot to differentiate or you assumed that Laloo and Nitish are ruling in UP too.. Getting back to the incident it is highly condemnable, but zeroing on culprits was something only a person well versed with stats can make, so kudos. Also example of 90% stat was masterpiece.

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