Well that’s torn it.  Literally.  And metaphorically.

Well that’s torn it. Literally. And metaphorically.

Dearest friends and readers, I am in a bit of a funk and need all your cyber cheering-up.

Yesterday morning, I went for an e-a-s-y slow walk in my local biodiversity park.

Walk.  Not run.

Hiking boots.  Not running shoes.

Slow.  Not fast.

Training for a climb not a run.

And I turned my ankle on a stone (not even a stonking great rock :( just a piddly stone) & tore a ligament.

Ankle in plaster.

Climb in 3 weeks cancelled.

So yes, please, a bit of cyber-love would be nice.

I am heart-broken at the cancellation of my climb to Banderpoonch, but both my GP and the orthopaedic surgeon looked aghast at the mere thought of my leaving for the Himalayas to climb in 3 weeks – the cast has to be on for at least 2 weeks, and then there will be physio…so the maths just doesn’t work out.

And so, sadly, I have put away the gear that I had excitedly started to assemble, and put both my running and my climbing backpacks away – for a couple of months/another year.

Hiking boots, running shoes all packed away for another year/a couple of months respectively.

I am now hobbling around on a walking cast.  Pain free, touch wood.

But heart-broken at the thought of no wonderful journey to the hills…

When I asked the surgeon whether I’d be OK to run a half marathon in November (Airtel Delhi Half Marathon) he looked a bit sceptical.  But November is far enough away for me to get fit, I am convinced of it.

Dratted, stupid stone.


  1. Jane

    So sorry for you about the climb, though as your sister, there is a certain relief in knowing you are safely on the ground! And since you are so unstoppable, I am sure you will be running in November. Xx

  2. Oh I am sorry to hear that. Get well soon.
    But, do you think, that the Universe may, just may be sending you a message? You need to take it easy. The good news is that you can now have tea with you dear husband every morning instead of running off into the jungle. You can have wine every evening and not worry about getting up early in the morning to go running. Also you will have time to give TLC to all the other people in the family who need it, like Anjulie and the Bahadurs and their families.

  3. For what it’s worth i had a grade 2 tear in my ankle ligaments on 18th Apri 2014 with my major climb beginning on 8th june.was advised a plaster cast by a leading ortho.hever my physio advised against it. With extensive physio n exercises I got well enough to go for my climb n summited denali on 28th June.if u haven’t left get in touch n I can put up in touch with my physio

    1. Ankur thanks so much & what an honour, coming from an Everest summiteer like yourself. I am now well & truly plastered – well, my ankle is! I have a brilliant physio, too, Doc Rajat Chauhan & Viswanathan Sridhran, but perhaps foolishly I didn’t consult them before I had the plaster put on. I suppose hindsight is a wonderful thing, but now, in the light of your comments, I am beginning to wonder if I made the right decision yesterday…

  4. Sanjeev Chhabra

    Know, it feels horrible and frustrating. All I can say is:
    1. Time to attack what Anupriya calls the runners’ living bucket list (or words to that affect)http://momontherun.in/an-injury-is-an-opportunity/
    2. You can’t hit me now, but your travelling was keeping your awesome writing from your loyal readers. So this the Universe making you keep us pepped, which (per Newton’s Law) will pep you too
    3. The Doctor’s look when you asked him that: that’s another blog series in waiting. I remember our common Dentist did a minor surgery on my molar (I have the Word’s Worst Teeth), and they were giving me the DO NOT LIST (You know, no water for 10 years, no food for 5 centuries etc.) when I asked, “Can I run this eve…?” Sameer overheard that and screamed a big ‘NO!!’ from the other room. Later on, Sameera said, “You ARE mad. Most patients ask us if they can have a drink in the evening?” And the list is endless.

  5. Oh… So sorry for you… You know that since 5 months I can not ride, play polo, do sport because of my ankle…. I received a full speed polo ball on my ankle, micro-fracture of “malleole”… The ligaments and muscles were ok, “only” the bone was concerned…. Good luck !!

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