August 28th, 2016

Well that’s torn it. Literally. And metaphorically.

Dearest friends and readers, I am in a bit of a funk and need all your cyber cheering-up.

Yesterday morning, I went for an e-a-s-y slow walk in my local biodiversity park.

Walk.  Not run.

Hiking boots.  Not running shoes.

Slow.  Not fast.

Training for a climb not a run.

And I turned my ankle on a stone (not even a stonking great rock 🙁 just a piddly stone) & tore a ligament.

Ankle in plaster.

Climb in 3 weeks cancelled.

So yes, please, a bit of cyber-love would be nice.

I am heart-broken at the cancellation of my climb to Banderpoonch, but both my GP and the orthopaedic surgeon looked aghast at the mere thought of my leaving for the Himalayas to climb in 3 weeks – the cast has to be on for at least 2 weeks, and then there will be physio…so the maths just doesn’t work out.

And so, sadly, I have put away the gear that I had excitedly started to assemble, and put both my running and my climbing backpacks away – for a couple of months/another year.

Hiking boots, running shoes all packed away for another year/a couple of months respectively.

I am now hobbling around on a walking cast.  Pain free, touch wood.

But heart-broken at the thought of no wonderful journey to the hills…

When I asked the surgeon whether I’d be OK to run a half marathon in November (Airtel Delhi Half Marathon) he looked a bit sceptical.  But November is far enough away for me to get fit, I am convinced of it.

Dratted, stupid stone.

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