Glow in the dark paint for Indian cows

Glow in the dark paint for Indian cows

What a genius idea.

My sister sent me a link from The Times to a delightful story about cows in rural India getting glow in the dark stickers on their horns to help prevent traffic accidents.  Given the emotions involved in the sanctity of the cow in India (an issue I don’t think I’ll delve into right now) any accident involving a cow becomes more than just the sad death of an animal.  It becomes a religious issue, and very often a very violent issue.

So this idea is too good.

Sometimes ideas are just so blindingly simple, right?


There is only one thing with which I disagree, and it is the statement “While much of Delhi has been cleared of roaming cattle…”



Try going out for a morning run in my bit of town.  As those of you who follow me on Instagram know, I have an almost daily encounter with cows sauntering down the road, sniffing my phone, my hand, my water bottle.

I even have hashtag #dailycow.

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love the cows in India, and secretly enjoy getting slobbered over by these fellas most mornings, but “cleared of cattle” we are most definitely not.

Thank goodness. 😛

These fellas were inside my local park, by the way, but there are always cows on the roads.  Like so:




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