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September 7th, 2016

If you can’t beat ’em…

…join ’em.

Arre! What’s with the boring “join’em” reply.

If beetles are decimating your crops, what do you do?

Yes! You eat ’em.


This is such a great story in so many ways.





Presumably nutritious?

Aren’t beetles supposed to be chock full of something or other that’s good for you? Though, as a vegetarian, AND a squeamish human being to boot, am not sure I could “binge” on these things, the way the Kakoti family does:


A quintal = 100kg divided by 30 (days in April) = 3.33 kg per day divided by 7 (members of family) = 47.5 grams of beetle per day.

Still not sure I could do it…

But for these farmers who would otherwise lose their crops, it makes definite sense, just like “eating prawns”.

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