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September 15th, 2016

Education. Education. Education (& a lot of punishment)

Where on earth do you start?

How does one inculcate a sense of respect for women in the Delhi police?

Where does all this arrogant, dismissive misogyny come from?

Read this and weep – not so much for the revolting creep who flashed a student in her own kitchen.  Sadly, low-life exists in every country.  Sick men who flash are not exclusive to India.

Weep rather for the attitude of the cops, the hostel owner (both men) and – even more shockingly – the owner’s daughter-in-law.


Just look at the scary turning of the tables – girls have boyfriends, therefore…

And as for the threat that this low-life creep’s friends may go back for “revenge”.  Or that the girl might become the victim of an acid attack.

What in God’s name is going on in this city?

There is a terrifying sense of entitlement here – our friend got arrested for sexual misconduct so we must avenge him.  What the hell.

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