These last few weeks of enforced home stay (because my foot was in plaster) saw me spending more quality time than usual with my potted plants.

Taking an evening turn on my roof terrace became A Thing, slowly walking to keep the injured foot a little active.

I deadheaded a lot, and weeded a lot, and generally irritated the heck out of the mali (gardener) a sweet man who much prefers working on my mother-in-law’s garden and veggie patch, than my plant pot collection.

And who can blame him?

A lawn and a veggie patch definitely trump a gaggle of pots full of straggly un-fruit-producing bushes.

(We won’t, however, discuss The Lemon Tree right now, because I’ll get rather cockahoop, and it’s unseemly.)

But yes, as you can see, we do have baby lemons, much to Bola Ram’s irritation.

IMG 7962

Bless him, he so wants That Lemon Tree to be an abject failure, and it isn’t, and oh gosh, just look at me, gloating away.

So, yes, without any more ado, let’s get back to my plant pots.

Since my cast has been removed & I’ve been cleared to walk in the big outdoors – like the more challenging local park – I suspect I’ll be spending not so much time on my terrace, so thought I’d better share an update with you.

As I just said, lemon tree very pretty.

Ditto kumquat tree. Though it’s more of a tree-let than a tree:

IMG 7723

The roses constantly surprise me, blooming in quick but short lived succession.
IMG 7770

IMG 7497

IMG 7936

The last one, the bud, was this evening’s happy discovery.

But the undisputed star of the week has been this. My hand-me-down cactus from a departing diplomatic friend excelled itself this week. Just look.

IMG 7602

There were 6 cactus flowers in all, but their lives were brief, sad to report.
2 days, and then that was that. But lovely while they lasted.

Before I wrap up and officially end my gardening leave, I’ve been having a bit of fun, analysing how I could theoretically feed my family from my potted plants should the zombie apocalypse erupt in south Delhi and stop us getting to the shops.

Our diet would consist of lemons.
Lashings of lemongrass. Loads and loads of lemon grass, in fact.

There would be kumquats, to vary the diet from lemons.

Curry leaves from my delightfully curry scented “curry patta” tree.

One chilli from my chilli plant (hey don’t mock).


Anyway, all good things must come to an end.
Gardening leave has been good harmless fun and I’ll miss the pottering.

IMG 7617

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