Your Hindi word of the day –  “chakotra”

Your Hindi word of the day – “chakotra”


As in pomelo.

And, I suspect, by default, grapefruit.  (But I am open to correction here, friends.)

But right now, though, we are talking about the huge fat pomelos that are sold at this time of the year by the side of the road in rural Haryana.


Driving up from Chhachhrauli to Dehra Dun, we passed loads of stalls and stopped and shopped and ate.

As one does.

The stall-holder, under the gaze of the inevitable people just sitting around in the middle of nowhere, peeled a pomelo for me to eat on the spot.


He cut it into pieces and then neatly rearranged them all back in the now-empty peel:



Sprinkled sugar on top, gave me a newspaper packet of rock salt just in case, and off we went on our way.


Chakotara heaven.


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