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October 8th, 2016

James Bond chewing paan? ‘fraid so

Just because Pierce Brosnan is drop dead gorgeous, doesn’t mean he’s a man who necessarily thinks the way we would all like him to.

Pierce Brosnan is not James Bond, a man of steely principle and impeccable manners and unshakeable morals, merely an actor with an eye for a good deal.

Yeah, whatever.

I don’t CARE if you need the money from this ad, Pierce.

WHY oh why oh why did you agree to promote such a revolting product as paan masala?

The spitting of paan all over Indian buildings and staircases and monuments and walls – ugh.

It is absolutely revolting, and I’m sorry if that offends any paan-spitting-readers out there.

Actually I’m not sorry at all for saying that.  Spitting out gobs of red muck all over the place is r-e-v-o-l-t-i-n-g.

And now the dreamy Pierce Brosnan has presumably been paid squillions of rupees, or $, or Euros, to promote the foul stuff.


OK, so Pierce Brosnan doesn’t live here in India, so the stains and the health issues connected to this toxic stuff are not his problem.

We get it.

Doesn’t stop me feeling let down.

Plus it’s not even a great ad.

And as for that beard…


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