Hello and “ni hao” from Shanghai

Hello and “ni hao” from Shanghai

All good things must come to an end, and sadly our wonderful time in Shanghai is fast drawing to a close.  We are packed (almost), we just went for a farewell evening stroll in our local park, and stopped at a corner shop to buy “Made in China” padlocks for our extra luggage.

In a while, we’ll head out for our last dinner in this totally amazing, fantastic city.

We’ve been very busy having fun, and so yes, guilty as charged – I have indeed neglected this blog these last 10 days.

Through social media, however, one has heard about the appalling pollution shrouding Delhi where, to be honest, I return with a heavy heart.

Shanghai is so fabulous and so well-mannered and the weather has been so perfect…oh gosh, better stop this enthusiastic gushing, because it’s going to come back to haunt me in a day or so, when we get back to Delhi

Comparisons are odious. So I won’t.

But there is so much to admire about this city and knowing what we are returning to makes it all that much more difficult.

To be able to walk down a pavement, which is unencroached, and clean, and not strewn with garbage…

To be able to cross the road, safely, on a zebra crossing…

To be able to go out late at night and feel 100% safe…

Such simple things (well, not the latter) but that’s what we’ve been exclaiming about all week.

This city is clean, clean, clean.

The traffic is super organised.

There are cops and traffic cops and cleaners and road sweepers everywhere.  And it shows.

The traffic is regulated, people follow the rules, and even at 6am when I have been out running, no-one jaywalks, no-one honks, the streets are spotless…

Sorry if it sounds harsh, but India does not come out well from that very comparison I just said was odious.

But there we are.

Delhi is home, polluted or not, dirty or not, noisy or not, and one woman’s moaning isn’t going to change a thing.

So, Shanghai, thanks yet again, for such a fabulous time.

Love this city.


(By the way, if I don’t publish a blog post on bridal shoots in the next day or so, please do remind me.  Have to share some of the gorgeous frocks with you 🙂 )

We’ve seen ballroom dancing in the park:

Water painting:


And we made friends with the neighbours’ pets.  Pang Pang (Fat Fat) the 12 year old Samoyed and Xiao Xiao, the ginger cat who wanders in at all times of the day and night.



  1. Claude Bahout

    Yes, yes, yes, one must never ever begin to compare…
    Xiao Xiao means very small,though this lovely ginger cat seems perfectly fine.
    And, Christine, you didn’t mention what a joy is the Chinese smile ?.
    Love. Claude

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