Dear reader (wherever you are), if you’re up for it, this weekend we can ALL do our bit, together, and all for the same cause.

Sounds interesting?

Read on.
Whether you’re here in India or anywhere on this wonderful planet of ours – we can all help contribute to the success of the Great Backyard Bird Count.

Just imagine: a global effort to record as many backyard birds over this coming weekend.
Here you go – read this article from my morning paper, for all the relevant  info.  It caught my eye, interested me and so am sharing it with all you lovely folk 🙂

I logged on, have created an account (dead easy) and am now A for away – tomorrow will see me noting down the birds that come to our terrace.

This morning over breakfast, for example, there was a pair of purple sunbirds hanging around, as well as a tailor bird, doves, pigeons, and a rufous tree pie.  When I went for a run a little later, there were peacocks everywhere…see, it’s so easy.  Birds are everywhere.

And in a city like Delhi (where I live) despite the chronic pollution & the bonkers traffic, there are masses of birds, thanks to the extensive tree cover.

Anyway, it’s obviously entirely up to you, but I think it’ll be fun for people from all over the world to document their backyard birds.

Here are a couple of links for you:

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