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May 13th, 2017

“Irritated, Isolated, Sweating, Trembling, Nervous…”

Got back last night to the Big Smoke (reckon that monniker sounds a little better than the Big Pollute) after a blissful week in Mussoorie, staying with friends.

Other than being knocked sideways by the Delhi heat, it was also great to be bowled over by 2 hyper and happy dogs.

Not so good to have the usual mound of niggles to deal with : burned out plugs, Internet down, collapsed book shelf, and poor old Yem Bahadur suffering with a frozen shoulder.

Anyway, urban routine will inevitably take over from the peaceful life we had up in the hills, where there was no sound of traffic and the biggest decision of the day was which walk should we do?  Wishing Well? Cloud End? Hathipaon?

Delhi always seems to me to be rough and aggressive, after a trip to just about anywhere else in the country, so when I opened my morning paper and this flyer floated out, it gave me cheer.

Did you ever see such a charming ad?

Love the idea of cordially inviting positive words into your life.

“…always think about the bright side of life…”


4 comments to “Irritated, Isolated, Sweating, Trembling, Nervous…”

  • Catriona

    Sweet! But concerned that the optimism seems only to be available in Feb March! We need those bright and cheerful words all year!

  • christine

    True, Catriona, and perhaps we need them for non-students like us!

  • Srishti Ghosh

    hey that’s my dad’s pamphlet…glad that somebody could truly get his message and aprreciate the spirit which is reflected when he mentors.

  • Hey that is my dad’s pamphlet am glad that somebody could truly appreciate the spirit which reflects when he mentors his students…his motto is “I don’t teach a subject I teach a student.”

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