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June 27th, 2017

No! Don’t ban Chinglish OR Hinglish!

So, the Chinese are to do away with Chinglish, we are told.

How boring.

And how totally inconsiderate to people who love taking photos of daft signs.

The Chinese are going to introduce a new standard English to be used…blah blah blah.

As an editorial in this morning’s “Economic Times” points out, Hinglish is also up there with the hilarious photo-worthy languages of the world, but most of the hilarious errors in Hinglish are due to mispronunciation, rather than mis-translation.

Which is absolutely accurate.

So, in the spirit of celebrating the sheer wonderful-ness of Hinglish, here we go.

Seen last week in Banjar, in Himachal.

Lots of lovely grub on offer in this ‘Chineese” restaurant.  (And cute that is was a Chineese, in light of Chinglish/Hinglish, na?)

When we got back from our lovely week in the hills, there was a notice about property tax waiting for us.

Serious stuff, with the usual kind of high-falutin’ English that most urban Indians instinctively understand – “liable to file…coercive recovery actions…” – that kind of English.  There is, you’ll notice, an error in spelling “filing” as “filling” but what made me smile was this:


Caredit” – all lovely and phonetically written 🙂

Anyway, tomorrow, I must actually act on this flyer & pay our property tax, using, of course, my caredit card.

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1 comment to No! Don’t ban Chinglish OR Hinglish!

  • Jane Binstead

    Love them all, especially those which don’t make ANY sense, even when you squint at them sideways…

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