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July 3rd, 2017

When is the monsoon not THE monsoon?

A question I have often asked myself.

Hubby dearest showed me an article in this morning’s “Economic Times” from which I take much comfort.

Apparently I am not alone in not knowing exactly what is the monsoon and what is merely a pre-monsoon shower.

It’s all to do with the clouds & not the rain, apparently.

I do so love the comment,

“The key, as is helpfully revealed each year but apparently forgotten by most, lies in the shape and size of cloud formations…”

to which I reply “Guilty as charged.”

And so, in the spirit of is it/isn’t it the monsoon, I’ll share with you my own over-excited timeline this past week.



Thursday 27 June 2017

After the unforgiving heat of April, May and much of June, we good folk of north India are all waiting anxiously for the rains to start.  And then, one unbearably hot day they do indeed start, with a fabulous crash, bang, wallop of thunder, and the sky turning a distinctive threatening colour, and then –  yaay –  the rains sluice down.

If you’re a nutcase, like yours truly, you go stand outside and get drenched.  Every year my Indian husband looks at me askance, and mutters about weird behaviour, as he stays nice and dry indoors.

This year, even my dog Tommy stayed cosily inside & looked at me as though I was an idiot.

Obviously I Instagrammed the moment on Tommy’s own Instagram feed (of course he has his own feed.  Doesn’t every dog?):


And then you read the papers and discover that the monsoon shower you frolicked in was not the start of the monsoon at all.

Still a few more days to go.


Friday 28 June 2017

The next morning, you go for a run with some friends and the heavens opens and it pours down.

Absolutely buckets down.

And you all run through the rain and the immediately flooded Delhi streets, splashing and shrieking and shouting like kids.

Have a whale of a time.

Obviously, you Instagram the moment:


And then your read the papers when you’re back home & drying off, and discover that the downpour you splashed through was not the start of the monsoon at all.

STILL a few days more to go.

Sunday 2 July 2017


Then you go for the annual half marathon that is held in one of Delhi’s forests, Sanjay Van, and the heavens open even more ferociously than they did the other mad run day.  And you all get soaked, and everyone slithers around on the muddy track, and it is all bliss…

But by now, I’m a little bit chary of announcing on Instagram “Running in the monsoons” yet again, for fear of ridicule.

Although I still do hashtag #monsoon #monsoon2017, you’ll notice.


$64 million question – is it now officially the monsoon?

I think so.

I hope so.

I want it to be so.

Mainly because once it’s officially the monsoons, I can then try and arm-twist the “mali” (gardener) into planting my latest batch of seeds and cuttings.

His perennial putting-me-off-excuse of not before “barish ka samay” (when it rains) will no longer hold water 😛  (Yes, indeed, I do crack myself up sometimes, I really do.)

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