India thinking of bidding for the 2032 Olympics?

India thinking of bidding for the 2032 Olympics?


Can you hear me weeping and wailing and gnashing my teeth from here?

Quick apology before I start.

After getting mucho flak from my family some time ago, for putting newspaper cuttings in the blog & then just commenting on them, I have consciously not done so for quite some time.

Forgive me, however, if I do so today, but I think you all need to read what has got me so upset this morning.

Here you go:

THIS is what got me all riled up this rainy Delhi morning, when the street outside my house was flooded after less than an hour of rain.

I am not an economist.

I am not a city planner.

I am not an athlete.

I am not a politician.

I am just a poor, humble taxpayer who lives in Delhi, and I would like to say the following:

I see pot-holed roads.

I see garbage strewn everywhere.

I see blocked drains.

Traffic lights that conk out when it rains.

I see my mother in law getting chikungunya last year from mosquitoes.

I see a girlfriend still suffering from complications from chikungunya she caught here 2 years ago.

I see my husband hospitalised the year before with dengue, from mosquitoes.

How DARE you even think of wasting my tax rupees, the way you did in the 2010 Commonwealth Games, when there is so much to be done for we, the residents?

How DARE you think of wasting my/our money when there are children in need of schools, when there are slums, not enough hospitals, when policing is woefully inadequate, when there are hardly any public toilets?

How DARE you?

For goodness sake, look after the long-suffering citizens of this country first, and let some other country blow billions of dollars on showpiece stadia for 2 weeks.

Deal with the every-day, on-the-ground realities of this country, rather than some pipe-dream.


  1. india is great but india is late, and all due to a leftist-socialist-corrupt govt all these decades. 15 years from now (2032) with a honest and development-focussed regime like Modi’s at the helm, inshallah, we will be ready. india waited for 65 years under Congress, now give a decade or two to BJP.

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