The wonderful world of Jane Austen.  In Pakistan.

The wonderful world of Jane Austen. In Pakistan.

This is by far the best story I found in my morning papers today.

Amidst a diet of rape, and civic infrastructure woes, and child abuse, and servant abuse – ugh, it was a miserable news round up – so yes, amidst this depressing scenario, let’s hear it for the wonderful ladies of Pakistan who are huge Jane Austen fans.

This is an absolute gem of a story.
I love, love, love the ideas of the good ladies of Islamabad donning empire-waist dresses & carrying reticules.  Too wonderful.

I love the Mr. Darcy moment.  Come to think of it, who doesn’t love a Mr. Darcy moment?

Too many Mr. Collins – ah yes.

And, of course, the fact that these 21st century Pakistani women are, like their 19th century sisters, expected to make a good marriage speaks volumes.

A wonderful story.


    1. christine

      Laaleen so are all sites from india blocked? My blog is way too unimportant to be of concern…& please do send me details of the book. I also have another blog in which I review books so it all sounds perfect

  1. Laaleen Sukhera

    Hi Christine Pemberton, this link isn’t working for me…is the site down? If not, do you think you could share a screenshot with us at Jane Austen Society of Pakistan? Thanks so much!

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